| December 27, 2023

All the MKC75 orders have been packed, and those that can be shipped out have already been dispatched. You can check the shipping status with your vendor or contact our customer support directly. Thank you for all your patience and support.

| December 22, 2023

Hello everyone, we sincerely appreciate your waiting. We have already started shipping, and we will continue packing and dispatching orders. We expect to complete all shipments for MKC75 by early next week. We apologize again for the delay and wish you all an early Merry Christmas!

| December 15, 2023 

We are currently assembling and packaging orders simultaneously and will commence shipping next week. Emails have been sent to customers who purchased the MKC75 from Mykeyclub to confirm their addresses. Kindly review and reply within three days. Thank you!

| December 8, 2023 

Update: QC and assembly of some cases have begun, while a few cases of colors are still being polished. 


| December 1, 2023 

We sincerely apologize for the delay in MKC75 shipments caused by issues with bottom case polishing. Last week, during our QC inspection of the cases, we identified some polishing lines on the bottom case. So, we return all the bottom cases to the polishing suppliers. And we despite a second round of polishing and anode of some cases, however, some slight polishing lines are still present, depicted in the images below. Unfortunately, it is still falling short of our QC standards. The good news is that our polishing supplier has finally found the reason and can fix it in the following three days, so we can anticipate completing all cases before the end of next week. Considering the time needed for QC, assembly, and packaging, we aim to commence shipping in mid-December.

To compensate for the inconvenience caused, we will include a complimentary Two-in-one shaft key puller with every MKC75 keyboard order. We appreciate your continued support and understanding during this time.

| November 24, 2023 

Update 1: The Blue and Black Cases have completed the anodized coating and coloring process.

Update 2: The Pre-order Bonus Deskmat has finished production.

| November 10, 2023 

Update 1: The Orange, Wine Red, Green, and Silver Cases have completed the anodized coating and coloring process.

Update 2: Some accessories are gradually arriving.

| October 20, 2023 

Thank you for your patience, everything is going on in an orderly manner.

Update 1: The Case CNC machining has been completed 70% and we have started coloring it, pictures will be updated soon.

Update 2: The PCB has been sent for SMT, and some Plates have arrived.

Yang emma