| September 15, 2023 

Update: Thank you all for your patience!
We have started shipping this week and will be completed next week.

| September 5, 2023 

Update 1: Thank you all for your patience. Currently, all the cases, including the limited edition cases, have been completed in production.
Update 2: We will finish assembling the remaining kits this week and begin the packaging and shipping process.
Update 3: We have sent emails to MKC website customers to confirm shipping address. If you need to make any address changes, please reply within three days. Thank you!

| August 24, 2023 

Update 1: We have begun assembling the cases that have completed the entire production process.

Update 2: Most of the accessories have arrived, with a small portion expected to arrive early next week.

| August 18, 2023 

Update 1: The Dark Green, Navy Blue, Black, Maroon, and Titanium Grey Cases have completed the anodized coating and coloring process.


| August 11, 2023 

Update 1: The Silver Case, as well as the Red and Black Limited Edition Case, have completed the anodized coating and coloring process.

Update 2: PCBs, Plates, and other accessories have been arriving gradually.

| August 2, 2023 

Update: The E-White, Milky White, Lilac, and Pink Cases have completed the E-coating process for coloring.

| July 18, 2023 

Update: We appreciate your patience with the updates. The Jris65 is proceeding as planned with CNC machining and polishing the keyboard cases.

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