| June 6, 2024

Dear Valued Customers,

We sincerely apologize for the delays in fulfilling your orders and would like to update you on the current situation.

We had to terminate our collaboration with our previous supplier for various reasons. Since then, we have been searching for new suppliers that meet our high standards. Our commitment to quality meant we could not hastily choose a new supplier, resulting in further delays in our project timeline. We must also control the QC and ensure the new supplier's finish meets our QC standards. Some new suppliers, such as those issues, produced items that did not meet our QC standards.

We apologize for the period of silence and understand the frustration this may have caused, especially for those who have trusted us and purchased our products. Unresolved issues with suppliers left us uncertain about what to communicate. We are afraid of giving you a new date and failing you again. After working for months, I think the problem is most solved for the new suppliers and have just confirmed the latest delivery dates:

JRIS80: July
JRIS65 & JRiS75 Glitter Spray-coated Version: July
MKC65: August

Once again, we extend our heartfelt apologies to all who have trusted Mykeyclub. We guarantee that we will deliver the order. Again, thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Mykeyclub Team

| May 17, 2024

Hello everyone, we apologize for keeping you waiting.
Update 1: The Wine Red, Dark Green, Silver, and Black Cases have completed the anodized coating and coloring process.
Update 2: A batch of ALU weights has arrived.

| April 30, 2024

Hello everyone, thank you for your patience all this time. Here is the latest update.
Update 1: The Orange, Green, and Grey Cases have completed the anodized coating and coloring process.
Update 2: A batch of PVD weights has arrived.

| March 8, 2024

Hello everyone,

We apologize for the delay in updates. This is because we encountered a challenging issue. Due to the long CNY holiday, delayed return to work by suppliers, and continuous humid weather days, the cases that were already finished by the CNC machine before the holiday have exhibited oxidation.

After trying various remedial measures and careful consideration, we have decided to rework or replace these cases, which will also result in a delay in our delivery schedule. We anticipate delivering around the middle of next month.

To express our apologies, we will be offering a complimentary MKC Silver Switch Puller to each customer who has purchased the JRIS80. We apologize once again for any inconvenience caused.

| January 31, 2024

Update: Some keyboard accessories have been arriving one after another, including the Plate, Rotary Knob, PVD Stainless Steel strip, Triangle Weight, and Carrying Case, among others.

Due to the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday, the next update is expected around late February. We sincerely appreciate everyone's understanding and patience. Thank you.


| January 16, 2024

Hello everyone, the production of JRIS80 is currently proceeding as planned.
Update 1: The keyboard case is in the CNC machining and polishing stage.
Update 2: The accessories, including the weight and rotary knob, have undergone CNC machining and are now complete and move to the next production step.
Update 3: The required accessories have been placed orders from the supplier.

Yang emma