JRIS80 Update

Jan 16, 2024

Yang emma

| January 31, 2024

Update: Some keyboard accessories have been arriving one after another, including the Plate, Rotary Knob, PVD Stainless Steel strip, Triangle Weight, and Carrying Case, among others.

Due to the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday, the next update is expected around late February. We sincerely appreciate everyone's understanding and patience. Thank you.


| January 16, 2024

Hello everyone, the production of JRIS80 is currently proceeding as planned.
Update 1: The keyboard case is in the CNC machining and polishing stage.
Update 2: The accessories, including the weight and rotary knob, have undergone CNC machining and are now complete and move to the next production step.
Update 3: The required accessories have been placed orders from the supplier.