JRIS65 Group-Buy

JRIS65 Group-Buy

JRIS65 is a budget-friendly and high-quality PCB gasket-mounted full CNC aluminum keyboard that IRISLab designed. To let everyone able to experience the higher-end customization, IRISLab is working on the typing sound, typing feel, craft, and quality of the kit, which benchmarks mainstream customized keyboards.

GB Time: September 27 - October 3, 2022

Estimated Shipping Time: Start packing and sending to vendors and Mykeyclub direct customers early in January 2023

Vendor List

US: KeebsForAll   12AM EST September 27th

Canada: Ashkeebs  11am PDT September 27th

EU: Candykeys 7PM Berlin (GMT+2) September 27th

UK: Prototypist 5pm BST UK September 27th

Oceania: Daily Clack  Working hours September 27th

South American: LatamKeys 6PM ART September 27th

South KoreaGeonworks  7PM Kst (GMT+9) September 27th

Japan: Basekeys 18:00 Japan Time September 27th

Singapore: Mecha.Store  6pm UTC +8 September 27th 

IndonesiaKeebsMark  21.00 WIB September 27th

Philippines: Jaekeyed 9PM (GMT+8) September 27th

Thailand & Malaysia: Klackzkrypt 11 AM (GMT+8) September 27th

Vietnam: MOKB STORE  9 PM (GMT+7) September 27th

Bangladesh: KeyB 8 Pm (GMT+6) September 27th

Rest of the world: Mykeyclub 10 AM (GMT+8) September 27th

Please register the vendor's mail list or join their discord channel for fast updates.