JRIS75 Updates

Apr 03, 2023

Yang emma

| May 23, 2023 

Update 1: All production stages of anodizing the keyboard cases and weights have been completed.

Update 2: We are conducting QC on all anodized cases and weights.

Update 3: The e-coat white cases have started the coloring process.

| May 10, 2023 

Update 1: We are still in the stage of anodizing the keyboard casing, the colors being processed are purple and grey. 

Update 2:The anodizing coating process for the wrist rests is currently being carried out simultaneously.


| April 27, 2023 

Update 1: We have entered the stage of anodized coating for the keyboard cases, and the colors being processed are black and silver.

Update 2: In order to be compatible with Per Key RGB Hotswap PCB, some minor adjustments have been made to the IXPE Foam.


| April 17, 2023 

Update 1:The accessory boxes have been mass-produced and completed.

Update 2:The production of CNC keyboard case is proceeding smoothly.

| April 3, 2023 

Update 1:The order of Jris75 has been arranged for production in an orderly manner, and we will maintain an update frequency of about 1-2 weeks.

Update 2:In order to be better compatible with the ISO enter key, we have made fine adjustments to the Plates.


Update 3:For the components of the rotary knob and light sign, we will send an extra Ribbon Cable as a gift for each set of components.