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From January 15th to February 15th

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The delivery is expected to be around two months after the pre-order ends. Due to the influence of the Spring Festival holiday and potential adjustments in the order quantity, there might be a slight variation in the delivery time.

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A MKC Titanium Switch Puller


MKC65 is the second keyboard in the MKC series. Similar to the MKC75, the MKC65 shares comparable features and characteristics. The design inspiration for the MKC65 keyboard comes from the initial letter 'M' in MKC, forming a distinctive and layered M-shaped pattern.

MKC series is planned to do some more budget keyboards. We aim to make it affordable and accessible for most customers, enabling truly entry custom keyboards comparable to mass-produced, which can be easily purchased. Therefore, The product positioning of the MKC series is an entry-level customization kit for mass production.

Three-in-one Structure

Three-in-one structure (Top Mount, Plate Gasket Mount, and PCB Gasket Mount) is a versatile keyboard mounting system that combines the distinctive features of these three structures for comprehensive performance. Users can customize based on personal preferences and usage scenarios.

  • TOP Mount
  • PCB Gasket Mount
  • Plate Gasket Mount

Support Rotary Knob & Light Sign

The four keys located on the rightmost row of the MKC65 keyboard (Insert, Delete, PgUp, and PgDn keys) can function as a customizable module. The Rotary Knob and Light Sign can be interchanged among any four keys, and they don't necessarily need to be connected together.

However, please note that it supports a maximum of two functional modules simultaneously. For example, 2 * Rotary Knob, 2 * Light Sign, or 1 * Rotary Knob + 1 * Light Sign.

Note: The Rotary Knob and Light Sign have a separate daughterboard. And please note that the wired and wireless versions of the knob are not compatible.


Compact 65% layout
Typing angle: 6.5°
Front height: 19 mm
Material: Full CNC 6063 aluminum
Alu Internal Weight
Dimension: 319.85*110.3*29.95mm
Three-in-one Structure: TOP Mount / Plate Gasket Mount / PCB Gasket Mount
QMK/VIA Supported(wired)
Support PCB stabilizers


Case Options

  • 4 E-coat case:E-white, Milky White, Pink, Mint Green
  • 4 Anodized Case: Wine Red, Black, Grey, Silver

Weight Options

  • 4 Alu Weight: Gold/ Silver/ Rose Gold/ Black
  • 4 PVD Mirror SS Weight: Gold/ Silver/ Black/ Chroma

PCB Options

  • Wired Non-Flex Cut Solder PCB (1.6mm, Multi Layout, 7u split spacebar, No Per-key RGB, support QMK and VIA )
  • Wired Non-Flex Cut Hotswap PCB(1.6mm, Multi Layout, 7u split spacebar, No Per-key RGB, support QMK and VIA )
  • Wired Flex Cut Hotswap PCB( 1.2mm, Multi Layout , 7u split spacebar, No Per-key RGB, support QMK and VIA )

  • Wired Per-Key RGB Hotswap PCB ( Add-on only, 1.6mm, Non-Flex Cut, ANSI Layout, support QMK and VIA )
  • Tri-mode Hotswap PCB (1.2mm, Non-Flex Cut, No Per-key RGB, ANSI Layout, support Mykeyclub Software)

Plate Options

  • Flex Cut Plates: FR4, ALU, Brass (Brass Plate Add-on only)
  • Non-flex Cut Plates: PC, POM
  • Plateless

Note: We highly recommend using a PC/ POM/FR4 plate for Tri-mode PCB, because the Brass and ALU plate will have a little affection for connectivity.


  • Full CNC Aluminum Top case *1
  • Full CNC Aluminum Bottom case*1
  • Weight (Alu Weight or PVD Weight or Brushed SS Weight ) *1
  • Internal Alu Weight  *1
  • Plateless or Plate *1
  • PCB *1
  • IXPE Foam *1
  • Poron Case Foam *1
  • Poron Plate Foam *1
  • Type-C Daughterboard with JST Cable *1
  • PCB GAS Silicone Column *12
  • Plate GAS Silicone Sock *18
  • Top mount screw and spacer *12
  • PCB stabilizers o-ring *12
  • Footpad *6
  • Poron case strip *6
  • 1.5mm hex key *1
  • GIFT

    (will not send make-up or replacements) 

    • Type-C Cable *1
    • MKC Stabilizer Set *1
    • 1000mha battery (Only for the Tri-mode Version) *2
    • Silicone pad of battery compartment *2
    • 1 Pack of Extra Screw 
    • M2x3mm cylindrical head screw *2             
    • M2x8mm cylindrical head screw *2
    • M3x5mm countersunk screw *2

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    MKC65 Pre-order

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